Combat Application Techniques

Instructor: Andrew Curtiss
Date: Summer 2019

Course Description: The Combat Application Techniques Combatives System is an eclectic program of instruction based on time tested, scientifically proven and effective principles. The program was designed and developed by Special Forces soldiers to be deployed by Special Forces Soldiers and relies on the “whole man” or “total soldier” concept.

This course incorporates methods and techniques to be used while wearing and against body armor in confined and restricted spaces such as small rooms, busses, planes, trains and caves. It emphasizes commonality of training and technique methodology and relies upon gross motor function, leverage and bringing the targeted anatomy to the point of mechanical failure. This program is based upon the PRINCIPLES OF DESTRUCTION!

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Dignitary and Executive Protection

Instructor: Kirk Peavy & Greg Parris // Chester Security Group
Date: June 3-7, 2019 or September 9-13, 2019

Course Description: Dignitary and Executive Protection is an extremely specialized area that requires law enforcement professionals who are a cut above the ordinary. Today’s protective services professional operates in an environment that is constantly evolving through technological, economic and cultural changes.