There’s Trained and There’s Untrained

Welcome to Black Tree, we are an experiential training company that teaches individuals and groups the mindset and tactics needed for survival in the most extreme of circumstances. Our goal is to prepare you for real-life situations. In life and death circumstances, “There’s trained and there’s untrained”.


Weapons Handling


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Combat Mindset


Are you looking for a specific class we don’t offer, please let us know and we can create a custom course for you. 

Law Enforcement




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Continuing Education for Law Enforcement

Our courses will allow for new and engaging techniques of advancing your law enforcement abilities. 


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Upcoming Courses



Defensive Pistol 1 // Jan 25-26

Defensive Pistol 1 is designed to introduce a new shooter to basic principles of weapons handling, marksmanship, and tactics.



LE: Basic Sniper // Feb 4-6

Our Basic Sniper course introduces designated marksman to precision shooting on either gas or bolt operated precision rifle systems.



Low Light Carbine // Feb 8

Low Light Carbine exposes and trains the shooter to the reality that over 70% of all defensive shootings i.e. home invasions, robberies, carjacking occur in less than optimal light conditions.



Low Light Pistol // Feb 22

Low Light Pistol exposes and trains the shooter to the reality that over 70% of all defensive shootings i.e. home invasions, robberies, carjacking, occur in less than optimal light conditions.



DOD Accredited

Many of our courses and instructors are approved by the US Department of Defense. 


No one can know what dangers lurk around the corner; a surprise, a mugging, an explosion, a shooter on a rampage or even a terrorist attack. But as an individual, you can learn how to avoid these situations and how to respond should you find yourself confronted by the unexpected. Black Tree’s elite cadre of former military and law enforcement instructors offers courses in enhanced situational awareness that will prepare you if the worst presents itself.


Military Training


Civilian Training


Law Enforcement


“The knowledge & experience of the instructors is second-to-none.
The training and environment were top notch. Highly recommend Black Tree!

Rich M. 

“Great place to train, Black Tree has a very knowledgeable
and great staff with a phenomenal range setup.”

Kyle H.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't Black Tree just a paintball facility?

Black Tree is more than just a gun range, we are a world-class training facility with access to firing ranges, technology focused teaching space, paintball complex, and venue. 

Black Tree trains civilians, military personnel and law enforcement. 

Do you have memberships?

Our range does have memberships, check them out here

What is Black Tree Paintball?
Are your classes approved by government agencies?

Depending on the course, you will be able to apply it to various continuing education requirements. 

Do you have any recommendations of where to stay?

Nearby Bastrop, and the Lost Pines Resort are easily accessible and between Black Tree and Austin Bergstrom International Airport

Can you make us a custom course?

Absolutely, shoot us an email at


We offer a list of classes throughout the year, check our class schedule if you are looking for a specific time of year.
Check the class list if you know what class you need!

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